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chore / случайная работа, поденная работа, домашняя работа
имя существительное
случайная работа
chore, char, odd job, jobbing
поденная работа
day labor, chore, char, time-work, day-work, journey-work
домашняя работа
homework, chores, chars, char, chore
clean, cleanse, peel, sweep, brush up, chore
выполнять поденную работу
char, chore
remove, take away, tidy, clean up, tidy up, chore
имя существительное
a routine task, especially a household one.
Girls as young as four and five are expected to help with household chores and to care for their younger siblings.
In the end, ‘Not of this World’ could have been a very good movie; instead it's just a tedious chore .
But at the time, a dozen years ago, cloning a gene was not the routine chore it is today.
As a woman I find its application the most tedious chore and will go to any lengths to avoid the process.
he sees interviews as a chore
And training - which is essential to boost your power, stamina and chin - becomes a real chore .
he sees interviews as a chore
This seems strange to some, but why should we not make something fun out of a necessary chore ?
The routine is a chore , but the result is spectacular when combined with Cawley's fashion parade of nine costumes.
Video editing is a taxing chore , which is why we choose to use it on motherboards to test performance.
Too many of them were standing around as though fielding were merely a tedious chore to be undertaken before you got your turn at bat.