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chord / аккорд, хорда, пояс
имя существительное
chord, accord, chorda
chord, chorda, cord
belt, zone, girdle, waistband, sash, chord
string, chord, cord, catgut
bunch, ligament, bundle, sheaf, band, chord
blend, harmonize, consort, tune, accord, chord
combine, blend, mix, connect, conjoin, chord
combine, match, mix, marry, connect, chord
имя существительное
a group of (typically three or more) notes sounded together, as a basis of harmony.
the triumphal opening chords
a straight line joining the ends of an arc.
He found the length of an arc of the cycloid using an exhaustion proof based on dissections to reduce the problem to summing segments of chords of a circle which are in geometric progression.
a string on a harp or other instrument.
Her fingers began to lightly touch the delicate chords of the instrument and with just a mere stroke; her voice began to accompany the melodic beat.
play, sing, or arrange notes in chords.
Havard Wiik's piano is crucial throughout; his spare, unfussy chording recalls the economy of Monk or Herbie Nichols, while his solos are logical, melodic and direct.
a G major chord
spinal chord
Instead he supplements the seven notes of Beethoven's chord with five more of his own to make a 12-note row.
The bitonal opening of the quartet is arresting, with first violin playing the opening theme in C# over a drone chord of C major in the three accompanying instruments.
The long span, short chord , NLF wing is in its element at tall altitudes and manages to deliver good cruise two miles above the sea.
The 0-52 was not a bad looking aircraft its rotund fuselage being offset by a narrow chord wing with a single strut.
Although the actor played down his condition at the time, claiming he had ruptured disc, he has now confessed he had a torn dura mater, a membrane which protects the spinal chord .
It can affect the nervous system in any place, in the brain or the spinal chord .
The angle at the centre of a circle is twice the angle at the circumference from the same chord .
The top note of the chord identifies major, while the middle note identifies minor.