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choral / хоровой
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
chorale, choral, carol
имя прилагательное
composed for or sung by a choir or chorus.
a choral work
Tomorrow evening, the Colne Valley Male Voice Choir presents a choral and solo programme at St John's Church.
The work stands in the best traditions of English choral composition but also incorporates Negro spirituals as the voice of the oppressed and the outsider.
Westport Choral Society is a four part choir specialising in major choral pieces and extracts from some old and some modern musicals.
I was also singing and studying the great Flemish choral music of the Renaissance.
Sauguet displayed an interest in music from an early age, becoming a choral scholar and studying the organ.
The King's Singers is a group which was formed more than 30 years ago by six choral scholars from King's College, Cambridge.
Most of this music demands a great choir and a great choral interpreter.
The music flows along quite beautifully and the choral and solo singing parts are also very well done.
He has also composed several choral works, including African Sanctus.
In doing so I related this to Rubbra's increasing experience as a choral composer.