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choosy / привередливый, разборчивый
имя прилагательное
fastidious, choosy, fussy, particular, choosey, queasy
legible, picky, choosy, discriminating, fastidious, nice
имя прилагательное
overly fastidious in making a choice.
He has 23 years of experience in satisfying hungry customers, some of whom were very choosy about what went into their stomach.
He had wanted to work with a bigger equities platform but was choosy about which American house to join, sharing some of his former boss's views but not his prejudices.
One can't be choosy when one has been unemployed for five years.
This young actress plans to be choosy about the director, her co-stars and the script before she signs the dotted line.
Most of children in rural areas are not very choosy about food and eat few between-meal snacks.
Second, since employers will be unable to fire someone, they are very choosy about whom they hire.
Banks are getting choosy over deposits, discouraging big deposits, particularly from corporates.
Females are typically more choosy than males when selecting a mate from the pool of available partners.
When those factors are combined with much wider experience in overseas travel, people thinking about buying abroad are much more choosy nowadays.
Analysts say it means consumers can be more choosy , looking for the best deals and that's going to cost the cell phone carriers.
Even the poorest of the poor, when given a choice, can be choosy about brands.