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choky / таможня, тюрьма
имя существительное
customs house, custom house, choky
prison, jail, gaol, pokey, prison house, choky
имя прилагательное
suffocating, suffocative, muggy, smothery, choky, suffocant
panting, breathless, choky, scant of breath
имя прилагательное
having or causing difficulty in breathing.
the whole place was choky with tear gas
His last words were lost on a choky , gasping noise as Honey felt him being ripped out of her arms as he had once before.
She reached out to hold him and her voice was choky .
The air was choky with a blended smell derived from dust and worn boot leather and spilt essences of hops and healthy, unwashed, sweaty bodies.
It had only started a half hour before we noticed it, but fluffy ash was floating in the air before I finished mowing, and it was choky being outside.
Mom's voice was choky .