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choirmaster / хормейстер
имя существительное
имя существительное
the conductor of a choir.
He received his earliest training from his father Josef, himself a composer and one of Prague's most respected choirmasters and organists.
I was also a church organist and choirmaster in Whitechurch in Rathfarnham, and a part-time music teacher, teaching piano, Leaving Cert Musicianship and choir.
Before I moved to London I spent two years as organist and choirmaster in a South Dublin parish.
Nonetheless, he was full of praise for choirmaster and organist at St James's, Bill Thomas, who trained him and oversaw his Halle audition.
The generosity of Michael Franklin ensured that the church organ was completely rebuilt in 1973 in memory of his brother Mark, who had been organist and choirmaster from 1922 to 1967.
Organ playing runs in the family as Adam's dad David is organist and choirmaster at St Nicolas' Church.
He sang in public for the first time and the choir won, causing the choirmaster to faint from shock.
Countless local churchgoers also knew him as their regular organist and choirmaster .
A boy only 13 years old has taken over from a respected retired music teacher as church organist and choirmaster .
A pupil of Thomas Tallis, he was appointed organist and choirmaster at Lincoln cathedral in 1563.
He was a committed Christian, and the organist and choirmaster of his local church, and he wore a discreet crucifix in his lapel, but he never proselytised.