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choir / хор, хоры, клирос
имя существительное
choir, chorus, music
choir, gallery, loft, organ-loft
петь хором
имя существительное
an organized group of singers, typically one that takes part in church services or performs regularly in public.
the Baptist choir
And the clerestory windows of the choir , glazed with large standing figures, are virtually intact.
The host school itself has six groups taking part a brass band, brass ensemble, junior brass trio and brass quintet, as well as a wind band and a clarinet choir .
the Baptist choir
The new choir and organ loft will create a useful space underneath for a vestry with a secure area for valuables, kitchens, toilets and storage space.
For the services the church choir , as usual, was second to none.
Next to his commitment to his children, grandchildren and family, his golf and his choir practice were two very important elements of a very active life.
choir leader
Women, he warned, should not approach the altar in the choir - except to take Communion.
She would have insisted on having an elaborate church service with a choir , minister and a thousand attendees.
They had clarinet choir today and he hated the fact that this had to happen to their Contra Player and not him, who it was intended for, but she seemed to be fine.