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chocoholic / chocoholic
любитель шоколада
имя существительное
a person who is addicted to or excessively fond of chocolate.
If you're a chocaholic , a bar-snack addict or a burger fiend then this website/blog - Snackspot - is a must read.
I would say no, but seeing as I'm a complete chocoholic … yeah, I will, thanks.
It might just be a chocoholic 's sugar-induced fantasy, but rumour has it that this attractive village property was built in 1830 for one of York's famous Rowntree clan.
It would be like relocating a chocoholic to Hershey, PA.
A chocoholic who did the same thing would save £8,443 in interest and settle their mortgage two years and 11 months early.
‘I was in a flap, rushing around, and my son suggested I take a chocolate wrapper because I'm a chocoholic ,’ she said.
A chocoholic 's dream, the egg is 4.5kg of luxury milk chocolate, worth £100.
A word of warning - unless you are a serious chocoholic , leafing through this publication for any length of time may make you feel slightly queasy.
‘I'm a bit of a chocoholic , so this was always going to be a winner for me,’ said Sandra, before heading back towards the quickly diminishing mountain of cakes.
Opposite the town hall, Truffles Chocolate House is a must for chocoholics … try their Swiss hot chocolate drink, topped with vanilla and cream and you'll never want to eat mass-produced confectionery again.
This is the kind of thing that chocoholics live for.