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chock-full / битком набитый, переполненный
имя прилагательное
битком набитый
crowded, crammed, teeming, full up, chock-full, choke-full
crowded, overflowing, overcrowded, packed, full, chock-full
имя прилагательное
filled to overflowing.
my briefcase is chock-full of notes
The album is mainly middle-of-the-road reggae, heavy on drum and bass, and chock-full of melody lines that grab you right away and sound better with each listen.
Around me is rolling grassland and Ribena-purple heather-beds, all chock-full of birdlife, from choughs to corn buntings to petrels.
Disguised in magazine format, this Bible is chock-full of fun facts, answers to questions you wanted to know but were afraid to ask, and pointers on how to live.
It's a pocket-size paperback, but it's chock-full of wonderful things.
As babies we have fabulous skin, because we're chock-full of the stuff.
There's nothing to say about Erik Benson except that his essays are chock-full of genius ideas, and you should read everything he's written for the last month.
The lobby and bar areas are also chock-full of outlets, which make it even easier to take advantage of the hotel's free Wi-Fi.
The Sunday Times Magazine, in association with Simon & Schuster, is giving you the chance to win one of 50 bags chock-full of memorabilia.
Their performance was more about confirmation - confirmation they are chock-full of ball handlers, strong runners and clever footballers.
My latest trip was chock-full of thrills, spills and adventure.