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chloroform / хлороформ
имя существительное
имя существительное
a colorless, volatile, sweet-smelling liquid used as a solvent and formerly as a general anesthetic.
The methanol extract was evaporated and partitioned with n-hexane, benzene, trichloromethane , ethyl acetate and n-butanol, consecutively.
render (someone) unconscious with chloroform.
Somebody sneaks in and chloroforms you, or sprays knock-out gas under your door, and while you are comatose and unresisting, your worldly goods are stripped.
While he is dozy from drink, the ‘Little Nurse’ passes a cloth, on which she has dropped some liquid chloroform , in front of his face.
The researchers used methanol, chloroform , hexane, or water to extract residues from pot sherds.
The residue was chromatographed on a column of silica gel prepared with chloroform .
In a first step, the two lipids were dissolved in chloroform and the solvent evaporated under vacuum overnight.
These chemicals were mostly chlorinated solvents such as chloroform .
It does not dissolve in water, although it does dissolve in many organic liquids, such as benzene, chloroform , and carbon disulfide.
The last step in the process is to wash the methamphetamine in chloroform , tolulene or ether.
However, when chlorine combines with other materials in water, it forms chloroform and related chemicals called trihalomethanes.
In particular, chloroform would not hinder condensation reactions as water does.
I pretended to be asleep and held my breath when you tried to chloroform me, you idiot!