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chivvy / охота, погоня, охотничий крик
имя существительное
hunting, hunt, chase, shoot, shooting, chivvy
chase, pursuit, chasing, race, rush, chivvy
охотничий крик
chevy, chivvy, chivy
chase, give chase, chevy, chivvy, get after, chivy
get away, scoot, decamp, bolt, run off, chivvy
tell (someone) repeatedly to do something.
an association that chivvies government into action
Parents must resist the temptation to chivvy the child along and tell them not to be silly - their fear and apprehension is very real to them.
To recap the latest episode, the authors have stooped to the hoary old plot device of a startling newspaper revelation to chivvy the drama along.
I don't have time to absorb much, though: some white-coated women and Dr Stone chivvy me towards an uncomfortable-looking chair.
Presumably to chivvy things along, the Chief Justice says he has provided the working party with a supporting secretariat supplied by the Department of Justice.
Asked if he would like to take a samurai sword to his critics, he said: ‘Critics are good - they chivvy us along.’
I've stared at someone's still-wet hair on a cramped train for a few minutes, and by the time I'm at the top of the escalators my mind has had a chance to re-engage and chivvy itself along.
He said: ‘He used his significant influence with the Church of England to chivvy us all, Anglicans and others, into getting on with some really creative shared actions.’
Wine, wheat, sausages, silk - these were as important to della Rovere as chivvying Michelangelo to finish the sculptures for her father's tomb or commissioning expensive tapestries for her walls.
They chivvied local businesses for cash backing.
Tamora chivvied them into the passageway, and they began to run again, Cheyenne's ragged breathing echoing off the walls as she fell further and further behind.