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chivalry / рыцарство
имя существительное
chivalry, knighthood, knightage
имя существительное
the medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code.
Many such characters desperately need a ‘code’ to live by, like the social code of chivalry for Don Quixote.
The war was fought with heavy loss of life and notable courage and chivalry on both sides.
Saladin, as in most of the medieval chronicles, represents chivalry .
Oh well, it's not like I expected chivalry and flattery.
He'd seen his friend dismiss a flirtatious girl with gentle chivalry and no second thoughts, and he'd seen the occasional sidelong glances the brunet had sent his way.
Shivering in their thin white gowns, the brides draped over their bare shoulders the dark suit jackets handed over by their husbands - on this one day, at least, models of chivalry .
A code of behavior, chivalry , evolved from these feudal contests of skill.
The most dramatic illustrations of the lack of chivalry toward black and other minority women comes from examining who gets sentenced to prison.
And here I thought you would hold it out for me, considering the whole chivalry thing.
For a moment, I felt like I had been transported back in time, into a medieval world of chivalry and magic.
So forget Stepford; come to Brooklyn, where both civilization and chivalry - the good kind - are lively and well.