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chivalrous / рыцарский, рыцарственный
имя прилагательное
knightly, chivalrous
имя прилагательное
(of a man or his behavior) courteous and gallant, especially toward women.
His son appeared as ‘this most gallant man and chivalrous prince’ who, at his death in 1376, a year before Edward III himself died, ‘was deeply mourned for his noble qualities’.
I'll bear no less than my husband, and he is so chivalrous I doubt that I'll bear as much.
A chivalrous chap, Randall gives the girl a shoulder to cry on, although Hopkirk feels that his corporeal colleague is being perhaps a little too attentive.
Myoga stood once more, stepping over to the two where he bowed, taking Epoxie's hand in his and kissing it like a chivalrous gentleman.
Henry was a chivalrous man at heart, and he loved the chance to save me.
She thought that the knights and their chivalrous code had already gone extinct in Europe and from the rest of the world.
‘Wu xia’ means chivalrous combat, and ‘pian’ means film.
The rhetoric of Knighthood located individual Knights of Columbus within an unbroken lineage of valiant Christian knights, and specifically valorized the Catholic component of chivalrous manhood.
Moreover, David's Castle, we are told, was where he and his chivalrous companions honed their martial skills: they are knights of yore, as imagined by a Romantic artist.
Common folk also exhibited chivalrous conduct, though in less glamorous ways.
Oh, so now you're some sort of chivalrous guy again?