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chit / крошка, записка, счет
имя существительное
chit, crumb, baby, poppet, babbie, bud
note, memorandum, message, memorial, chit, love letter
account, score, bill, invoice, count, chit
пускать ростки
sprout, bud, shoot, chit
имя существительное
a short official note, memorandum, or voucher, typically recording a sum owed.
He said: ‘In theory all taxi travel was to be referred up to senior civil servants and had to be signed for on official chits .’
a young woman regarded with disapproval for her immaturity or lack of respect.
a mere chit of a girl
You can fire the lot of us, but you'll find no one here who is the least bit sympathetic to that little chit .
You silly chit - did you think I'd come here with a fanciful story and no proof?
Obviously she had expected the virgin stepsister's boyfriend to be a round little chit who had a cross around his neck and a rosary in his pocket.
The punch-holes tell the turnstile the exact expiry time on your transfer: if your chit is past due, you won't get through.
And yesterday at school, I saw him snogging with this other chit .
In a very short time he would bang down a metal plate with your food on it; and afterwards, a smaller plate with a paper chit , with the amount due written by hand.
His Mary is a blonde; a wispy, ethereal, Ally McBeal-ish chit of a girl, nothing like the statuesque, sporty redhead that the Scottish education system taught us about.
He really did love the conniving little chit , and her betrayal broke his heart.
I'll have to drop a chit and see if my command will let me go, but other people [on the team] have done it before.
she is a mere chit of a girl