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chiselled / точеный, отделанный
имя прилагательное
chiseled, chiselled
finished, chiseled, chiselled, wrought, faced
имя прилагательное
(of wood or stone) shaped or cut with a chisel.
With his strongly chiselled features, apart from their eyes and hair, the twins looked almost nothing alike.
Everyone's favourite hero brings his tanned and chiselled features, facial mole and quite possibly his new girlfriend, Anna Kournikova, to Glasgow.
Gods, goddesses and animals made in rosewood are examples of chiselled beauty.
The aisles and nave of the church are connected by arches which are held up by 18 imposing stone pillars made from well chiselled limestone.
Beautifully chiselled local stone was used aesthetically in the construction of environmentally friendly buildings.
Armies of gilded statuettes of saintly figures adorned little notches in the chiselled stone walls and framed iconographic pictures hung from any spaces which weren't already occupied.
The child's steely blue eyes, chiselled features and surprisingly strong screen presence will no doubt propel him to many future cinematic roles.
Stepping back so to avoid being hit with the door, she nearly fell off the landing, the chiselled stone railing the only thing between her and certain death.
The dome, built of chiselled , rectangular granite stones and 110 feet tall, stands as an imposing structure.
The atmosphere inside the courtroom stood in contrast to the noisy scene outside the building where demonstrators protested beneath the chiselled marble inscription Equal Justice Under Law.