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chippy / раздражительный, обломанный, зазубренный
имя прилагательное
irritable, rambunctious, grumpy, irascible, touchy, chippy
jagged, serrated, notched, serrate, indented, chippy
имя существительное
slut, whore, hussy, prostitute, chippy, chippie
carpenter, woodworker, joiner, builder, chippy
имя прилагательное
(of a person) touchy and defensive, especially on account of having a grievance or a sense of inferiority.
Without it I had cobbled together a half-baked credo of chippy self-sufficiency and an irritating need to be recognised.
имя существительное
a fish-and-chip shop.
That way you can visit the off licence, the sweet shop and the chippie without wasting energy.
a carpenter.
Take a trek to any building site and you'll see many Partners being used by a variety of tradesmen including chippies , sparkies, painters and plumbers.
a prostitute or promiscuous young woman.
We have two newsagents, a chippy and a Working Men's Club who stand to lose a lot of trade if York City goes.
The chippy 's more unusual offerings - queen scallops, squid rings and prawns - are all caught by Scottish boats and the staples, such as haggis and black pudding, from nearby suppliers.
It was right on the edge of the area and there was definite contact, but the ref didn't penalise the chippy Irishman.
He described Scotland as a nation rife with ‘corruption, a sense of inadequacy and, above all, a chippy jealousy of its bigger, richer, more outgoing neighbour’.
The tone in the first was very physical and the play was very chippy .
After cycling to Tobermory for an overnight stop and two unforgettable deep fried scallop suppers from the local chippy , we still have a thirst for more beaches.
He urged food lovers to vote for their favourite chippy while calling in to see for themselves once more how enjoyable freshly-cooked fish and chips really could be.
He picked a fight with the undeserving rich on behalf of the deserving poor - and became wildly popular with Britain's wonderfully chippy middle class.
As it turns out, Jamie's friends don't head for the nearest chippy when they hear that they are to be on telly, for they are all big fat show-offs.
She is a hideous monstrosity and a small minded, chippy teenage rebel and I hope your fine lady wife forces you to sleep on the sofa for at least a week.