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chipmaker / производитель чипов
имя существительное
a company that manufactures microchips.
They looked around the market and realised other chipmakers actually left out extra features so that they could make chips more efficiently.
A spokesman for AMD in Germany told the news agency that the chipmaker was holding talks about a new plant, but declined to give details.
The chipmaker asked creditors for up to 1 trillion won of new loans for money it needs to spend on new equipment and sustain money-losing operations, Park said.
The chipmaker said it expected market conditions to pick up at the end of the calendar year as its wireless handset customers and distributors met their year-end inventory targets.
Moreover, in a world of polymer electronics, virtually any company could become a chipmaker .
The market is dominated by Japanese companies because they develop the products with Japanese chipmakers , which have core technology for digital camera components.
The company is truly high-tech, making complex laser machines that cut silicon and wafers for chipmakers and photonics companies.
Simulations and experiments conducted by chipmakers show that this approach can increase the effective DOF by as much as a factor of three.
Brightfield inspection is used by chipmakers to find the most critical defects during wafer manufacturing.
There were vague stories last week about TiVo and chipmakers coming to agreements regarding TiVo ToGo, and it seems that's now bearing fruit.
Indeed, their share of Klamath River water pales when compared to the amount taken by California agribusiness and the chipmakers of Silicon Valley.