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chipboard / доска
имя существительное
board, plank, table, clapboard, billboard, chipboard
The six artists will construct the full-scale model from reclaimed wood and chipboard for a show at Glasgow's 1000 square metre Tramway gallery next April.
You can lay your shirts flat without a platen or palette inside, or you can make a cardboard or chipboard platen to stick inside.
Every year the Commission's North York Moors Forest District produces 100,000 tonnes of timber, mostly going towards chipboard , pallets and construction materials.
Environmentally-friendly ones include cardboard, chipboard , papier-mâché and wicker coffins.
Timber would be shredded to produce wood chips for the production of mulch, chipboard or compost.
He removed some chipboard , some wood, and produced a ball of twine, and then asked me to help him carry it.
To establish acceptability limits for concrete paths, riders rated the discomfort of riding over chipboard sheets of different thicknesses.
They have terrible chipboard furniture, vile nylon carpets and the walls are woodchipped to hell and back.
The booths, chipboard and cheap wood, looked identical to every set of polling booths I've ever used.
We also came back with a car-load of various size chipboard planks, a few wood crates (later to contain my Christmas presents to the relatives!), metal shelving and assorted wood offcuts.