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chip / обломок, микросхема, фишка
имя существительное
chip, fragment, piece, stump, splinter, stub
chip, microcircuit, microchip, silicon chip
chip, counter, shtick, schtick, specialty, check
beat, fight, struggle, chip, pound, hit
chip, sliver, split off, secede
имя существительное
a small piece of something removed in the course of chopping, cutting, or breaking something, especially a hard material such as wood or stone.
mulch the shrubs with cedar chips
a thin slice of food made crisp by being fried, baked, or dried and typically eaten as a snack.
tortilla chips dipped in salsa
a counter used in certain gambling games to represent money.
a poker chip
(in golf, soccer, and other sports) a short lofted kick or shot with the ball.
More often than not you'll leave the next shot short with your chip or putt, and you'll probably be long with the next.
cut or break (a small piece) from the edge or surface of a hard material.
we had to chip ice off the upper deck
(in golf, soccer, and other sports) kick or strike (a ball or shot) to produce a short lobbed shot or pass.
he chipped a superb shot
I channel surfed until I found some old Carol Burnett re-runs, I remembered the chocolate chip cookies in the cupboard, and I turned the fan on high and pointed it straight at my chair.
School heads have blamed the presence of chip vans and fast food shops for leading youngsters away from canteens at lunchtime.
Gwen scooped up some salsa and shoved the laden chip into her mouth.
She decided on two ice creams; one chocolate and one mint chip .
At the far end, Kanu shimmies outside the box, makes room for a shot and tries to chip the ball into the top left-hand corner.
There was something about the beauty and simplicity of it that could chip the ice around a person's cold heart.
I made another one of those apricot and coconut and chocolate chip cakes and gave a big chunk of it to the boy's mum.
We baked 150 chocolate chip cookies in three hours.
One touch took Giggs round the goalkeeper and a chip across the vacated goalmouth presented Ronaldo with the simplest of finishes.
He turns a chunk of wood over in his hands, mulling how he could cut it, sand it, chip it, glue it into something.