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chintzy / сумма для подарка
имя прилагательное
of, like, or decorated with chintz.
brighten the room with fresh paint and chintzy fabrics
cheap and of poor quality.
But if the e-tailer goes chintzy or cheap, there will be trouble.
Chic wineries are springing up in western Loudoun, and Rosenstrauch is hoping to capitalize on what he calls ‘entertainment farming’ - chintzy farmers markets for the city folk from out East.
I hope folks demand refunds for those chintzy hats and mugs you're hawking.
‘Flax flowers are okay on your chintzy curtains, but not on the police badge,’ says McAllister.
Something like a polite cocktail party is taking place in a chintzy antechamber to the London Hilton's Grand Ballroom.
The stereo mix is hollow and just sounds chintzy .
The audio equipment they all used was pretty good - no chintzy earbud headphones or $40 PC speakers - and varied from studio monitor headphones to pricy home theater equipment.
And they're not exactly paradigms of design: The chintzy plastic casings looked as if they'd been jerry-rigged to accept USB plugs.
But if the e-tailer goes chintzy or cheap, there will be trouble.
Only, the money pledged seems a little chintzy , given the needs, and the precedents.
Today, sitting in a chintzy room of London's Dorchester Hotel, wearing a moody suit and smoking so much you'd think he was being sponsored, Bardem seems on the point of collapse.