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chintz / ситец
имя существительное
chintz, print
имя существительное
printed multicolored cotton fabric with a glazed finish, used especially for curtains and upholstery.
a sofa upholstered in chintz
There is no floral chintz , no shelves packed with knick-knacks; there's no ornate wrought iron, no statuary, no bookshelves.
The other two rooms were furnished with green wallpaper and rugs, utilitarian white-painted furniture, and chintz curtains.
As an accent, this pink implies a 1940s-style take on decorating, when chintz floral prints and lampshades with fringe were all the rage in comfy, overstuffed living rooms.
floral chintz curtains
She favoured floral chintz , velvet button-back chairs and mahogany antiques.
There was a gaily-lighted Christmas tree in the corner next to us, and with its chintz curtains, cottage-style tables and candles, the restaurant felt comfortably old fashioned.
Moonlight streamed through the motel's chintz curtains.
Fabrics varied, and included calendared or glazed fabrics of wool, plain or floral printed calicos and muslins, and glazed chintz monochrome or polychrome prints.
Typical of fine Indian chintz , the cotton is not printed, but mordant-painted and resistdyed.
Porcelain, silk, ivory, crystal, muslin, chintz and lacquered wood were all first introduced to Europe between 1500 and 1800.