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Транскрипция и произношение слова "chink" в британском и американском вариантах. Подробный перевод и примеры.

chink / скважина, щель, трещина
имя существительное
well, hole, bore, chink, slit, ear
gap, slot, slit, crack, crevice, chink
crack, fissure, fracture, rift, break, chink
ringing, jingle, ring, clink, tinkling, chink
clatter, jabber, chink, chirr
tinkle, jingle, clank, chink, ting, tingle
замазывать щели
fissure, chink, dehisce
ring, clink, jingle, ding, clang, chink
имя существительное
a narrow opening or crack, typically one that admits light.
a chink in the curtains
a high-pitched ringing sound.
the chink of glasses
make or cause to make a light and high-pitched ringing sound, as of glasses or coins striking together.
the chain joining the handcuffs chinked
имя существительное
a Chinese person.
Through the eerie stillness I think I can hear people's laughter, the chink of crystal glasses and the crunch of boots on gravel as yet more well-heeled guests arrive.
the chink of glasses
The leather sack containing the required gold coins made a solid chink sound as it landed on the turf.
Fortunately there is a chink of light in Scotland.
Only a small sliver of light shone through a chink in the wall, falling just in front of the lady's feet.
a chink in the curtains
Her acoustic guitar and occasional pianos chink like distant cutlery amid whispered teases and the thrill of confidences shared.
A chink sounded and Ice appeared from behind the bar with a shotgun.
Light pours in from a chink in the roof of the tomb and shines on the tree, giving it an almost magical glow.
Pale, subdued daylight was leaking through a chink in the curtains.