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chimp / шимпанзе
имя существительное
chimpanzee, chimp, jocko
Think of the old world monkey or apes, the gorilla, the chimp , the orangutan.
The demon took control of the chimp, the chimp crashed the car, all the occupants died horribly, and then I woke up.
Apparently, it's a synthesis of two germs from monkeys that a chimp caught by eating monkeys.
That means that, on the strict taxonomic level, chimps and gorillas are hominids.
More than 300 research chimps and monkeys retired, turned over to preserve.
Gerri and other orphaned gorillas and chimps contribute to our education programme.
Now is that how it is that chimps or monkeys learn to use tools for example?
One or a few chimps or gorillas become ill and then infect the other members of their family group.
Bonobos and chimps , though genetically almost identical, have quite different social behaviours.
The obvious thing to do to look for this pattern is to look at chimps , other apes and so on.