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chiller / холодильник
cooler, refrigeration unit
имя существительное
a machine for cooling something, especially a cold cabinet or refrigerator for keeping stored food a few degrees above freezing.
The generator is needed to keep the store's freezers, chiller cabinets and tills going in the event of a grid failure.
The result is a good pre-Christmas thriller chiller , where nothing is as it seems.
Runaway Jury is a good Grisham movie, Mystic River is a very good drama, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an excellent chiller thriller.
When the raw milk is received it is pumped through a plate chiller to cool it to 36 degrees, the temperature at which it will be stored in the silos.
The movie also features its fair share of sex and nudity and can best be described as an erotic chiller .
One of the classics of this era is the Howard Hawks chiller (cue ominous, brassy music score)
Even though our chiller cabinets operate perfectly I swear that the smell of the fresh beef and lamb becomes more and more detectable as the hours wear on.
While this may not be the seminal horror film of the 1980s, it's a creepy little chiller that gets the job done.
‘Shall we? ‘he said to the woman, and they began to waltz around the chiller cabinet.’
Any item that comes from a chiller cabinet, as opposed to a freezer, tin or packet, has an instant cachet, an aura of freshness and superiority about it.
Yet, in the end, it becomes haunted by the unwelcome presence of heavy-handedness, making it seem more like a busy domestic melodrama (with a ghost) than a truly unnerving chiller .