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childproof / безопасный для детей
make inaccessible to children.
childproof those cabinets with safety latches
имя прилагательное
designed to prevent children from injuring themselves or doing damage.
disinfectants that are fitted with childproof caps
This is the least awkward and most secure type of childproof lock we've seen, especially if you mount the control unit high on a wall where adults can easily see and reach it while kids cannot.
As you begin to childproof your home, inspect each room from your youngster's viewpoint.
Any parent who counts on anyone else to childproof to the point of avoiding responsibility is being naive simply because every kid is different.
And just as you would childproof an indoor room, it's important to take safety precautions in the yard to keep young children safe.
I visited the lovely sun-shielded children's playground with my granddaughter and was astounded to find that the playground is not enclosed by a childproof fence.
The childproof , well-stocked play area has a two-way mirror that allows parents to peek in on their children without being seen.
Among other things, these steps will help childproof your pet - an important step, since more than half of bite victims are youngsters.
‘It's easier to childproof a gun than to bulletproof a child,’ she told the crowd.
Locked drawers and cabinets keep little hands safe, as do childproof safety covers for electrical outlets.
Travel with a childproof doorknob cover so if the room doorknob is round you can use it.