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childish / детский, ребяческий, ребячий
имя прилагательное
childish, childlike, baby, childly, children's, infant
childish, puerile, babyish, baby, shirttail, dotish
имя прилагательное
of, like, or appropriate to a child.
childish enthusiasm
There was a certain puerile joy in her, a childish excitement shone in her eyes.
I gave a small laugh and gazed at the ceiling, feeling monumentally stupid and childish .
we heard childish talk coming from the classroom
Several tracks convey the impression of a childish , playful imagination at work.
I have a kind of childish way about me, I suppose, and that helps the film.
This whole project sounds like the most puerile, childish and willfully obnoxious cinematic venture in years.
When choosing a young tree, however, be sure to put a tactful check on childish enthusiasm.
John said he thought it was childish and silly, and that they had to be taken seriously now.
She wears perfume on her thin, childish wrist and her eyes light up at the sight of big hooped earrings and jewelled necklaces.
she's very childish