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childhood / детство, детский возраст, младенчество
имя существительное
childhood, infancy
детский возраст
childhood, infancy
infancy, childhood, babyhood, cradle
имя существительное
the state of being a child.
the idealized world of childhood
How many of our childhood friends will be married with families of their own?
Are your most formative years those of your early childhood or your early teens?
Mortality in childhood is heavily influenced by deaths from motor vehicle accidents.
The effects of childhood malnutrition are a legacy reflected in his sunken features.
This is usually a childhood viral infection that causes a mild fever and swelling in the glands in the neck.
the idealized world of childhood
It is a childhood chronic disease that primary care workers should watch out for.
She has said that there were periods in her childhood when learning proved difficult.
he spent his childhood in Lewes
I might have had a miserable childhood in Hartlepool but now I work on a newspaper in London!