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childcare / охрана детства
имя существительное
охрана детства
child care, child welfare
имя существительное
the action or skill of looking after children.
What is it about men and their utter inability to cope with the normal minutia of child care ?
The problem is that there is no realistic scheme of funding or childcare .
If someone wanted to go into childcare they would be looking for a larger nursery than ours.
Many agree that the government needs to invest more in parental leave and quality childcare .
I think that the failure of the government to give working parents tax relief on childcare costs is a scandal.
Fortunately he was in childcare during this time and they were really good about it.
Lack of childcare and transport can make it difficult for many women to access training and support.
Apart from the lack of jobs, the main obstacle for lone parents who want a paid job is the lack of childcare .
employers will have to make provisions for childcare
Of course, the middle-class mother in Britain may be able to afford private childcare .
It gives the opportunity to parents to work knowing that their children have high quality childcare .