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childbearing / деторождение, роды, беременность
имя существительное
birth, childbirth, delivery, labor, confinement, childbearing
pregnancy, gestation, childbearing
имя существительное
the process of giving birth to children.
women of childbearing age
In a community in which early marriage and childbearing are traditional, failure to achieve teenage pregnancy may be regarded a serious problem.
The formula was designed for women of all ages, from childbearing years through post-menopause.
It is pointless suggesting more and more ways to cajole people out of exercising their freedom to put less emphasis on childbearing and rearing.
A woman's childbearing years tend to be among her strongest and most healthy.
Women will be capable of childbearing from the ages of ten to eighty.
The conversation flew all over the place and everything from childbearing to politics to careers to relationships got a mention.
The second relates to differing views on childbearing .
women of childbearing age
women of childbearing age
We would then discuss childbearing for another five minutes.