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child-centred / на ребенка
имя прилагательное
giving priority to the interests and needs of children.
child-centered teaching methods
The curriculum is structured in a child-centred way and children learn through play rather than formal teaching methods.
So, what has happened to the much prized concept of child-centred parenting?
These new national standards will help ensure that the care the NHS delivers for children is genuinely safe and child-centred .
In our child-centred times, it is almost taboo for mothers to say they do not enjoy staying at home and looking after their children.
Everything is delivered in a very child-centred way and children there grow and mature in a safe, warm and challenging educational environment.
That clearly implies that a child-centred style existed in the West over 2,000 years ago doesn't it?
Progressive educational thinkers fought for an approach that was child-centred , moving away from the conception that children were simply small adults.
Parents seek access to an early education/play facility for children and child-centred activities for children after school hours.
The general ethos of the school is multi-denominational, co-educational and child-centred with the active participation of parents in the daily life of the school.
What used to be a very child-centered gathering still is a child-centred gathering but most of the ‘children’ have now grown up and are young adults.