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child / ребенок, дитя, сын
имя существительное
child, baby, kid, infant, babe, brat
child, baby, infant, babe, bairn
son, child, boy
имя существительное
a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority.
The ultrasound probe is used mainly for head scanning of newborn babies and young children .
As a young child , Jane was often responsible for her own physical care and the care of her mother.
she'd been playing tennis since she was a child
I mean, it is an iD shareware product, the child of a small independent studio.
she was a child of the impressionists
The couple had one child , their daughter Sonya, who went to Lady Eleanor Holles School in Hampton.
What is the destiny that is to be fulfilled, and who is the one true child of it?
a child of the Sixties
They deeply fear a strange child of Feng Shui style energy lines.
On one occasion, we visited an orphanage and the youngest child , a 3 year old, fell asleep on my lap.
a child of the sixties