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chignon / шиньон
имя существительное
chignon, hairpiece
имя существительное
a knot or coil of hair arranged on the back of a woman's head.
Other low- and no-maintenance looks include chignons , ponytails or donning a bandanna.
Her mother raised a hand to her impeccable chignon , patting an imaginary hair into place.
So I showed up in a cocktail dress with ruffles down the back and my hair up in a chignon .
The remaining hair was knotted into a small chic chignon .
Her hair was swept back with jeweled silver combs and diamond-stud hair pins into a smooth chignon .
I have of course gone through those periods of wishing I had straight hair, and even thinking that it would be less hassle because then I could put in a cute chignon or a low ponytail.
Suddenly, a woman in a regal black gown with her hair tied in a tight chignon walked up to the new guests.
Isabella stood in the doorway for a brief second, returning the loose strands of her hair to the chignon at the nape of her neck.
She undid what was left of her chignon , brushed her hair out, and put it up again.
They'll also be demonstrating new looks with updo's based on the classic chignon .
Lisa did Lydia's hair in two French braids and curled her bangs, and put her own hair in a loose chignon to keep it out of her way.