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chieftain / вождь, атаман, военачальник
имя существительное
leader, chief, chieftain, head, headman, dux
warlord, chieftain
имя существительное
the leader of a people or clan.
For centuries, they lived in clans commanded by chieftains and feuded among themselves.
It could be a priest, a king, chieftain or tribal leader.
The annual clan banquet will be in the Manor Hotel on Saturday night where the clan chieftain will be elected.
The country had lost its charismatic leader, the clan its chieftain .
The big event on Saturday is the election of the new chieftain and clan banquet in the Abbeyleix Manor Hotel.
Armed to the teeth and clad in kilt, tartan hose and bonnet, he looks every inch the clan chieftain .
Archeologists have found evidence that a warrior chieftain took control over most of Greece back in the early seventh century B.C.
I spent a few minutes in the abbey museum, admiring high-relief tomb carvings of bygone Scots kings and chieftains in full battle gear.
Henry II came to Ireland in order to secure the feudal loyalty of the Normans, and many Irish chieftains .
In no case did chieftainship give rise to a caste system.
Each spring, corporate America's preeminent chieftains offer sage counsel to eager university graduates across the nation.