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chick / цыпленок, цыпочка, птенец
имя существительное
chick, chicken, chuck, spring chicken, poult, peeper
chick, chuck
chick, nestling, cheeper, chicken, youngling, poult
имя существительное
a young bird, especially one newly hatched.
Cuckoos con other birds into rearing their chicks because it's so much easier than doing it themselves.
a young woman.
she's a great-looking chick
she's a great-looking chick
The most puzzling situation happens when a chick rejects you for a less attractive male.
A parent feeds only its own chick in the crèche, recognizing the chick by its call note.
It is more important to be you than to be the hottest chick or guy in school.
Even when she became fashionable and the school chick , she still remained my stubborn, loyal friend, willing to defend me.
There was a chick from Cross High School that Sam recognized.
she's a great-looking chick
A slight catfight was going on between a popular bimbo chick and a new girl.
You'll be hard-pressed to find a Western chick that is as feminine as your average Japanese girl and as petite and kind-hearted.
These birds eat mice, chicks and any small animal they can find.