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chewy / требующий усиленного жевания
имя прилагательное
требующий усиленного жевания
имя прилагательное
(of food) needing to be chewed hard or for some time.
the bread was never quite fresh, always pretty chewy
The musky, earthy flavour and almost chewy texture of the mushrooms contrast perfectly with the creamy rice.
She sat at the table enjoying the soup filled with large chunks of meat and soft chewy vegetables.
Heavy, chewy food such as red meat can soften that sensation.
The whole dish was far from disappointing, but some of the meat was incredibly chewy .
I ended up picking out the crab avocado centres and rejecting the chewy rice.
Today wild rice with its nutty flavour and chewy texture is considered a delicacy, often served as part of gourmet meals.
He peeled back the wrapper carefully and took a bite from the end of the chewy chocolate bar, munching thoughtfully on it.
I prefer to use brown rice for this recipe because I think it is delicious with its nutty, chewy texture.
They can be sweet or savoury, and range in texture from soft, ephemeral desserts to chewy confectionery.
It was a kind of stew that seemed to consist entirely of chewy meat and flecks of vegetables.