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chevron / шеврон, стропило
имя существительное
chevron, stripe
rafter, chevron, joist, raft
имя существительное
a line or stripe in the shape of a V or an inverted V, especially one on the sleeve of a uniform indicating rank or length of service.
On his sleeve was the chevron of a petty officer.
Cars that wear the double chevron symbol have always seemed indelibly French.
Enlisted grade inflation spiraled upward until 1945, by which time every infantry rifle company NCO had sewed on another chevron .
Allied ground forces in Normandy used a white star for the same reason, and in the Gulf war in 1990-1 Allied vehicles bore a distinguishing chevron .
He went out to help with the umpiring, wearing a white cricket jersey with chevron stripes, and a striped umbrella.
On his sleeve was the chevron of a petty officer.
Along with the Badge of Military Merit in the summer of 1782, Washington also authorized a chevron for enlisted personnel signifying each three years of satisfactory service.
Diagonal and chevron stripes and details help create a thinner middle shape by moving the eye toward your center, not your sides.
Look for green and peach in denim or cord with chevron stripes and floaty dresses.
They have swiped hundreds of signs, including chevrons and direction indicators giving motorists advance notice of hazards.
His uniform fit his dark appearance, black with deep gold chevrons and embroidery decorating the sleeves and chest.