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chesty / с широкой грудью, грудастая, полногрудая
имя прилагательное
с широкой грудью
busty, chesty, buxomy, topheavy
buxom, chesty
consumptive, hectic, tuberculous, chesty, phthisic
arrogant, toplofty, airy, chesty, assuming, proud-spirited
имя прилагательное
(of a woman) having large or prominent breasts.
Well, that and he always has pictures of chesty babes.
conceited and arrogant.
She writes, ‘I hesitate to interrupt the victory laps, the chesty posing, the passing out of medals.’
having a lot of mucus in the lungs.
a chesty cough
But, in addition to the emotional strain of her younger daughter's death, she has been battling with a virus which has left her with a chesty cold.
Or it could simply be ‘fashionable’ now to hand out inhalers to everyone with a chesty cough.
‘Jess is a bit more chesty than you, though’ Kath muses.
As it was I was felt a bit chesty and shivery on Sunday but am alright now.
This was all done with a very snotty cold and tight chesty cough, the like of which would have made me take a day off were I working for someone other than myself.
She glanced over at the bar, where she saw the chesty redhead flirting with a customer as she refilled his drink.
I gave up the roll ups way back purely because of the chesty coughs and my Grandfathers death.
So that's it I suppose, I did nothing today, I have a chesty cough and my nose is running away from my face.
To break up a chesty cough, try inhaling some steam.
Most chesty illnesses get better on their own, although the cough may take a long time to go completely.