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chestnut / каштан, избитый анекдот, бабка
имя существительное
chestnut, sweet chestnut, Spanish chestnut
избитый анекдот
head, pastern, stock, old wife, knucklebone, chestnut
гнедая лошадь
sorrel, bay, chestnut
имя прилагательное
chestnut, maroon
bay, chestnut, sorrel
каштанового цвета
имя существительное
a glossy brown nut that may be roasted and eaten.
Some authors have suggested that their flavour and texture are comparable with those of the chestnut or cashew nut.
the large European tree that produces the edible chestnut, which develops within a bristly case, with serrated leaves and heavy timber.
Greece originally introduced the chestnut tree to the rest of the European community.
a deep reddish-brown color.
chestnut hair
a small horny patch on the inside of each of a horse's legs.
The small chestnut patches on its shoulders are not always visible.
‘Cute, but no,’ he said congenially, his deep chestnut eyes twinkling from under the curve of his cast iron helmet.
chestnut hair
One had beautiful red hair and looked quite boisterous and the other had chestnut coloured hair and she looked serious and sophisticated.
The chestnut filly's win also gave the young female jockey her first Group 1 stakes triumph.
He was about as tall as the other man, with shaggy blonde hair and deep chestnut brown eyes.
She had a sweet smile, and her light olive skin went with deep, chestnut hair.
The Chinese chestnut , C. mollissima, has been cultivated in China for at least as long as its European counterpart, and used in much the same way: dried, roasted, or made into meal.
The one with chestnut hair wore khaki slacks and a black trench coat, while the other, an Asian man, was dressed in all black.
The sassy combination of so-called stripper music and Cabaret show tunes suits the big chestnut mare, who seemed to visibly strut and swagger through her routine.
Her long, wavy, thick, chestnut hair cascaded fluidly down her back.