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chest / грудь, сундук, грудная клетка
имя существительное
chest, breast, bosom, petto
chest, box, dower chest
грудная клетка
chest, thorax, windbag
имя прилагательное
chest, pectoral, sucking
имя существительное
the front surface of a person's or animal's body between the neck and the abdomen.
Gabriel removed his shirt, and I kissed his neck, his chest , his stomach, over and over again.
a large strong box, typically made of wood and used for storage or shipping.
an oak chest
She has not received that sum because she did not claim it, and therefore the Treasury chest has not been reduced by that amount.
The trachea appears as an air-shadow coursing down the midline of the chest and terminating at the carina.
I dropped my head to my chest and felt my body being moved to the front.
I held it delicately in my hand and continued to stare at the oak chest .
the medicine chest
He pulled out one of the grenade magazines form his chest storage unit and aimed the launcher.
The chest was opened and the lung and heart were quickly isolated and excised.
the medicine chest
Radiographs of the chest and a computed tomographic scan of the chest , abdomen, and pelvis were normal.
the university chest