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chessboard / шахматная доска
имя существительное
шахматная доска
chessboard, checkerboard, checker, checkers, chequers, chequer
имя существительное
a square board divided into sixty-four alternating dark and light squares, used for playing chess or checkers.
The playground is now a more pleasant and interesting place for the children with grid games, such as hopscotch, jigsaws, target games and three chessboards with draught pieces.
Europe is like a chessboard
The pieces on the chessboard get removed, not the chess players.
Inside it was a large chessboard with multiple chess figures shaped like humans.
What more can one do than point to a chessboard and explain the rules of the game, perhaps paying particular attention to the black king as one does so?
Place the Queen on a chessboard and pass her over the entire sixty-four squares and back again to the point of beginning in fourteen moves.
One can teach the strategy of chess while the other facilitates creating the chessboard and pieces.
The rows are set so that anyone traversing them will have a much smoother run moving in straight lines, like a castle on a chessboard .
‘Board vision’ is the specialized ability to recognize what is happening on the chessboard .
His king offered him a reward, but instead of gold he asked for one grain of rice doubled for each successive square on a chessboard .
Just get away from the chessboard and any thoughts bringing you back to it, at least until your renewal is complete and you simply must play chess.