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cherry-pick / вишневого выбор
selectively choose (the most beneficial items) from what is available.
the company should buy the whole airline and not just cherry-pick its best assets
in a game such as basketball, wait near the goal for a pass, which can be converted to an easy score.
He hangs back while his linemates cherry-pick , creating long passes and exciting rushes.
This would have left open the opportunity for a reader to cherry-pick the information they want.
They go up if the enforcers cherry-pick the easiest cases, instead of the most serious ones.
A player such as he can hang out at the other team's blue line and cherry-pick where normally he would be receiving an offside pass.
Rather, we must lay the groundwork and not just try to cherry-pick the easy wins or ‘flavor of the month’ issues.
It could also bring us one step closer to easily building our own laptops and being able to cherry-pick the best components for a laptop's particular mission.
the company should buy the whole airline and not just cherry-pick its best assets
Many scientists cherry-pick favourable results; others change direction when interesting results emerge.
When they make promises, they cherry-pick specific items and refuse to explain how much they would cost or how they would pay for them.
It allows them to buy another company and then dump the costliest individual policyholders and cherry-pick the healthiest, most profitable ones.
To a certain extent, you have the advantage of being able to cherry-pick your business customers.