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cherry / вишня, черешня, вишневое дерево
имя существительное
cherry, cherry-tree
cherries, cherry, merry
вишневое дерево
cherry, cherry-tree
имя прилагательное
cherry, wine-colored, wine-coloured
вишневого цвета
cherry, cherry-coloured, cherry-colored
имя существительное
a small, round stone fruit that is typically bright or dark red.
His mother would place a bowl of bright red cherries or shiny pistachios before us and we picked at the food as we chatted lazily.
the tree that bears the cherry.
Nylon netting draped over your cherry tree or blueberry bushes will keep birds away.
a bright or deep red color.
her mouth was a bright cherry red
the hymen, as representing a woman's virginity.
Upland woods contain red mulberry, slippery elm, white ash, and wild black cherry .
That's when the foliage of many trees, shrubs, and vines starts to turn brilliant shades such as port, cherry red, and bonfire orange.
This colour can range from washed-out orange and light salmon hues to vibrant day-glow and rich deep cherry pinks.
She had a movie-star smile completed with cherry red lips and bright alabaster teeth.
cherry pie
She gripped the round top of the cherry bedpost that her father had fashioned so carefully.
My full pouty lips were always naturally cherry red.
her mouth was a bright cherry red
only 3 per cent of the students lost their cherry at college
These are again very frightening to watch, as the exhaust pipes glow cherry red to orange in colour and the noise is indescribable.