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cheroot / сорт сигар
имя существительное
сорт сигар
имя существительное
a cigar with both ends open and untapered.
Cigars, cheroots and cigarillos of tobacco or tobacco substitutes which have been exempt so far shall attract 16% CENVAT.
Estimates begin at €50-100 for an amber cheroot holder and a quantity of smoking equipment belonging to the Yeats family.
He had replaced his cheroot temporarily with a regulator mouthpiece and was in full-on paparazzi mode.
Daniel leaned against the kitchen sink and lit up a cheroot .
Feeling a little nauseous when he was done, Adam was carefully pouring some water on the burnt out stub of his cheroot when he spied James flicking the end of his into a pile of leaves, igniting them.
Sleeves rolled up, Sebastian leaned against the wall with his chair tipped back on two legs and sucked on a cheroot .
In the end, he would flick the stub of his cheroot into the fire as signal that it was time to go to bed, and that was that.
He had his chair tipped back on its two rear legs and was waving his ever-present cheroot around animatedly, managing not to spill his martini in the process.
The popular image of the director at these sessions is rubbish: has any director ever actually lounged on a divan, smoking a cheroot , drawling ‘next!’
Unfortunately, the Romans, whether enjoying the decadence of a savoured cheroot in Egypt or the smoke-free asceticism of Rome, appear bound by the very buckles on their peculiar boots.
I have a Walter Mosley novel ready to go, ready for that holy moment on the cliff when I can fire up a cheroot , sip a Belvedere and get lost.