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cherish / лелеять, хранить, нежно любить
cherish, nourish, entertain, nurse, mother
store, keep, guard, preserve, retain, cherish
нежно любить
protect and care for (someone) lovingly.
he cared for me beyond measure and cherished me in his heart
I love and cherish my public holidays because I need that time to recuperate and rejuvenate my mind and body from the rat race of life.
Responsible husbands love, protect and cherish their wives.
We cherish the great sporting memories like we would fine wines.
I cherish the letters she wrote
It is fifty years since my art lesson taught me to embrace precious moments and cherish opportunities and to use all the colours.
But I still I cherish him and that feeling doesn't change just because the relationship has changed.
It's a natural longing of the human heart to care for and cherish your child.
‘Christmas will be a memory that we will cherish forever, as it was such a happy, joyous time,’ Gould said.
Her children and grandchildren will cherish her labor of love.
She deserves a reliable kind of guy, who will love her and cherish her.