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chemise / женская сорочка, покрытие
имя существительное
женская сорочка
chemise, shimmy
coating, covering, carpet, casing, suffusion, chemise
имя существительное
a dress hanging straight from the shoulders and giving the figure a uniform shape, popular in the 1920s.
She was dressed in a simple chemise of cotton and flannel.
Her throat was bare and a slight ruffle of white fabric edged the neckline where the edge of her chemise peeked out.
The bloomers and a chemise would have gone under layers and layers of corsetry and petticoats, which could weigh up to 7lb.
It also has a new chapter on the history of drawers and knickers and one covering the chemise and petticoats.
Carey instantly awakes and sits up straight, pulling the sheets up to cover her chemise .
Her chemise was much lower cut than her usual as she reached for a blood red dress with the dangerously scooped neckline.
She also loves wearing a chemise out in public, especially when we go out to dinner.
There Angel stood, in her robe and chemise as her father approached.
I slipped out of my dress and pulled the chemise over my head.
She was dressed in a simple chemise of cotton and flannel.
Kristine stood in the door way in a mesh black chemise .