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cheesy / сырный, дрянной, казеозный
имя прилагательное
cheesy, caseous
cheesy, shoddy, trashy, worthless, lousy, rubbishy
имя прилагательное
like cheese in taste, smell, or consistency.
a pungent, cheesy sauce
cheap, unpleasant, or blatantly inauthentic.
a big cheesy grin
I'm leaving for Tampa tomorrow to hang out with Florida friends and see the Pixies and ride roller coasters and stay at a cheesy hotel.
Creamy, cheesy sauces are code words for calorie-laden belly-bloaters.
The pages were dry and wan, the classic sign of a cheaply made book, and it was rough on the hands, a cheesy smell still lingering some years on.
Our dinner begins with a few nibbles: chips with olive and citric acid; lemon tempura with liquorice; and the most divine cheesy bread I have ever tasted.
However, there's no reason that everything has to look so cheap and cheesy .
The sauce, cheesy and creamy, had just the faintest tang of peppery spiciness to it.
This isn't a big budget Hollywood film and as such doesn't try to reach for cheesy CGI effects or cheap scares.
I eat them and their cheesy sauce with mounds of blandly comforting brown rice, steamed with a cinnamon stick and a couple of cloves.
At the very least, they limit what you're able to accomplish by offering cheap looking templates and cheesy stock photos.
The story manages to rise above some of its cheap and cheesy production techniques to reach its redemptive twist of an ending.