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cheery / веселый, радостный, бодрый
имя прилагательное
cheerful, merry, gay, glad, happy, cheery
glad, joyful, joyous, cheery, merry, gay
cheerful, peppy, buoyant, fresh, cheery, chipper
sadly, gloomily, ruefully, depressingly, dismally, cheery
имя прилагательное
happy and optimistic.
a cheery smile
Soft music would now be heard on the background, and happy and cheery voices as well.
Busy fraudsters spend their days sending out hundreds of cheery messages in the hope of conning people out of cash.
They are cheery in tone, full of encouragement, bright ideas and suggestions as to how to get your kid to eat liver.
He loves the wilds of Upper Wharfedale, where the locals always greet him and his crew with a cheery wave and a smile.
Isn't it funny how something intended to be cheery can in fact be so perversely irritating?
She painted on a smile and a cheery disposition and let the world think she was okay.
So I headed off with a cheery smile at having escaped from the maze of never ending aisles.
He is always ready with a cheery smile and wave, and is famous for sheltering passengers with his own umbrella.
It's true that the atmosphere back in the office when I got back wasn't quite as cheery as the one when I left.
The clerks can be extra cheery , since the end of the shift is right around the corner.