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cheerio / Ваше здоровье!, Будьте здоровы!, Всего хорошего!
Ваше здоровье!
Cheers!, Cheerio!, Skoal!
Будьте здоровы!
Cheers!, God bless you!, Cheerio!
Всего хорошего!
Cheer!, Cheerio!
used as an expression of good wishes on parting; goodbye.
Two words it definitely did understand were cheerio and goodbye.
When they called and said there wouldn't be time, I said fine, super, brilliant, cheerio , and hung up.
‘Okay, see ya later, cheerio ,’ she replied and hung up.
Without knowing what his redeeming features are, let us just say that your life will be better if you bid him cheerio .
As was normal on such occasions we repaired to a hostelry on Burgh Quay to unwind and to say cheerio before we went our separate ways.
David is asleep on the settee and my toasted cheese is about ready so cheerio !
Two words it definitely did understand were cheerio and goodbye.
A quick cheerio to the normally indefatigable Lillian, who suffered a setback last week when she thought she was suffering from indigestion.
I was unaware of the comments until this morning obviously - I haven't anything to say - but I would assume that he would come back and say cheerio to the players at least.
And a few seconds before bidding cheerio , a friendly requisition is placed - your contact number, please.
I always feel we come to say cheerio rather than to pay our respects.