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cheerful / веселый, бодрый, светлый
имя прилагательное
cheerful, merry, gay, glad, happy, hilarious
cheerful, peppy, buoyant, fresh, cheery, chipper
light, bright, blond, blonde, fair, cheerful
cheer up, cheerful
имя прилагательное
noticeably happy and optimistic.
how can she be so cheerful at six o'clock in the morning?
He had always been happy, always cheerful , and it hurt her to see him in this kind of state.
You can keep your optimistic outlook and make your work area as cheerful as possible.
It was swept instantly aside by the receptionist, who was bright, cheerful and completely helpful.
You seem a very cheerful , positive person, but does it still upset you when you think back?
The color of the house was cheerful yellow, bright enough to make fall still seem like summer.
The trousers were still a relatively bright and garish red, the button a chipped but cheerful yellow.
She mainly supplied drinks, chit chat, and that disturbingly cheerful smile of hers.
True, it was the weekend and the pub was full and happy, which is a cheerful and sustaining sight.
She asked all of these things in one breath, and had added a cheerful ditzy laugh at the end.
However, the efforts made by all the town folk to present a bright and cheerful image in other ways has paid off.