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cheer / настроение, радость, веселье
имя существительное
mood, sentiment, spirits, tune, humor, cheer
joy, gladness, rejoicing, cheer, mirth, joyfulness
fun, gladness, gaiety, joy, cheer, rejoicing
одобрительные возгласы
applause, cheering, clapping, cheers, cheer, plaudit
applaud, clap, cheer, acclaim, chirrup
encourage, cheer, embolden, cheer up, give encouragement, hearten
encourage, promote, foster, stimulate, countenance, cheer
inspire, cheer, encourage, warm, warm up, animate
имя существительное
a shout of encouragement, praise, or joy.
a tremendous cheer from the audience
cheerfulness, optimism, or confidence.
an attempt to inject a little cheer into this gloomy season
shout for joy or in praise or encouragement.
she cheered from the sidelines
give comfort or support to.
he seemed greatly cheered by my arrival
Supporters would cheer their side on because they knew them, and would most likely have a drink with them after the game.
We should cheer the good news, of course, but the downgrading of offshoring as a national issue is a big mistake.
I've gone to the keyboard in times of celebration and mourning and never has the instrument failed to comfort or cheer me.
Here are two fast breaking news stories to cheer the heart.
With each shout and cheer , they lift him into the air.
It contains light to direct you, food to support you, and comfort to cheer you.
While they were talking a loud cheer erupted throughout the crowd.
A loud cheer erupted from the crowd, which surprised Cate.
The partisan crowd made a cheer which surely equaled any decibel level ever recorded at a sporting event.
It makes you feel macho and strong to be able to beat up people and vent out your frustrations on these folks while your friends cheer you on.